Get ready for SDCC II: The Sequel! *BAM! POW! ZAP!* In which a geek from Singapore and his beautiful girlfriend score tickets for the San Diego Comic Convention for the second year in a row. To quote Troy from Community, let’s hope its more of a Bale than a Kilmer situation.

In the end, it was the girlfriend who again did what is increasingly looking like a near-impossible task: she got us 4-Day Passes with Preview Night, to this year’s Comic Con (Jul 18-21). Or in the words of @waynereewrites, Nerd Mecca 2013. For the uninitiated, it’s the biggest pop culture event in the world, and an annual showcase of the biggest, latest Hollywood movies. You can read more about my SDCC experience last year here.

The Holy Land

The Holy Land.

We had recruited six friends – including two with a fiber-optic connection – to help us join the electronic queue for SDCC 2013 tickets that started at 9am PST (1am Singapore time) on Saturday, Feb 16. This may sound terribly kiasu (overseas geeks: that’s Singapore slang for ‘afraid to lose out’), but given the technical difficulties that have historically accompanied the sale of SDCC badges, more than justified. For ‘technical difficulties’, read: ‘server crashing due to two million geeks clicking their mouses simultaneously, despite following every single instruction from Comic-Con International (CCI), leading to many, many pissed off people’.

As expected, some of our friends got locked out, others got a queue number in the 30,000s, while I was stuck at #31,807 for a good 15 minutes before timing out. My queue number never moved, despite CCI’s promise that the page would automatically refresh every 120 seconds. In the end, all badges were reportedly sold out in just over 90 minutes. But somehow, the girlfriend came through, just like she did last year. Like the Black Cat with Spidey, she must have powers she’s not telling me about. That’s just one of many reasons she’s my superhero.


Me and the Sentinel of Liberty at SDCC 2012.

Okay, that’s not what she really looks like. She’s actually much hotter.


The gf makes me go Crazy Town Banana Pants

To tell the story of that nervous, manic night of Feb 16 when literally millions were scrambling for SDCC 2013 tickets, we have to look to – what else – Twitter, with the help of Storify.

So that’s that. Our luck held out, and we’re going to Comic-Con. And it’ll be the start of a much, much bigger geek trip I’m doing this year. Watch this space for updates on SDCC and all things geek!

What was your SDCC 2013 ticket purchase experience like? Triumphant whoops, or much wailing and gnashing of teeth?