The Walking Dead

TV Review: The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale (Spoilers!!)

Apr 3rd, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture incoherentboy 7 min read

Verdict: Four walkers out of five. It had all been steadily building up to this, and The Walking Dead Season 3 finale didn’t disappoint with a gut-wrenching, violent and yet hopeful conclusion. But the quality of the storytelling has been on a gradual slide since Season 1, and it’s unclear where the show goes from here, especially with showrunner Glen Mazzara gone.

Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Mar 14th, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture incoherentboy 6 min read

Verdict: Three out of five stars. Nicholas Hoult carries the movie with a moving and often hilarious performance in this sweet, subversive zombie tale. Hoult also shares a tender chemistry with Teresa Palmer, while John Malkovich brings gravitas to proceedings. A pity then, about the sizable plot holes and the in-your-face metaphors. Still, more than worth the entrance fee.

A Chat With…Charlie Adlard – Part I

Oct 14th, 2012 A Chat With.., Featured, On Pop culture incoherentboy 15 min read

But for a quirk of fate, The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard, 46, might have been a rock star today. “I lived in London for a while trying to make it in a band, believe it or not, playing the drums,” confesses the father of two. But it wasn’t meant to be, and he went on to become part of a phenomenon that has spawned more than 100 issues of The Walking Dead monthly comic series, a wildly popular TV adaptation and even a zombie obstacle course.