Holiday Extras People Pics Competition

Dec 17th, 2012 Featured, On Travel incoherentboy 1 min read

This is the Holiday Extras People Pics Competition: for a chance to win 750 pounds and/or an iPad, I am posting two of my best travel photos. You can find out more about the contest here, which will be judged by travel blogger Melvin Boecher of Traveldudes.

Israel, West Bank, security wall

The West Bank Security Wall

Nov 7th, 2012 Featured, On Travel incoherentboy 12 min read

During my 2010 trip to Israel, I visited the West Bank and came face to face with something that you are unlikely to see in the standard tourist flyers about Israel: the 700 km long, eight metre high security wall that separates the West Bank and Israel.

Bethlehem, Israel

O, Little Town Of Bethlehem

Sep 25th, 2012 Featured, On Travel incoherentboy 11 min read

Circa 2010: As I walked through the Church of the Nativity, originally built in 327 AD over the traditional birthplace of Christ in Bethlehem, the old Christmas song kept playing in my head: O little town of Bethlehem/How still we see thee lie..The hopes and fears of all the years/are met in thee tonight.  Every now and then, I would stop and read silently from my…