Iron Man 3 review

Apr 25th, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture incoherentboy 6 min read

Verdict: Four stars out of five. This is a very different Iron Man movie from its predecessors, with some bold and risky moves. There are strong performances all round from Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce. The surprise twist in the middle will surprise and disappoint in equal measure.

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SDCC Accommodation: There Is Still Hope

Mar 2nd, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture, On Travel incoherentboy 9 min read

So you’ve gone for the San Diego Comic Convention hotel lottery, and didn’t luck out at all. A hotel within walking distance of the convention centre is out of the question, and would probably cost you an Infinity Gem anyway, or maybe a pair of Nega Bands. To think the fight for SDCC badges was already bad enough. So what do you do for SDCC accommodation now?