Review: Zero Dark Thirty

Jan 17th, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture incoherentboy 5 min read

Verdict: Four out of five stars. Chilling and gut-wrenching, the tension never lets up, even though you already know the outcome. It’s all centred on a powerhouse performance from Jessica Chastain, helped by an outstanding supporting cast that includes James Gandolfini and Mark Strong.

The gardens and houseboats of Srinagar

Jun 27th, 2012 Featured, On Travel incoherentboy 6 min read

In 2009, after I had visited Ladakh, I moved on to another city in Kashmir that has sometimes been called the Venice of the East: Srinagar. The city is famous for three things: floating gardens, houseboats and the ever-present threat of violence. The latter is evidenced by the constant presence of armed police and soldiers, and the fact that security checks before you can even…

Ladakh part II: The lay of the land

Jun 26th, 2012 Featured, On Travel incoherentboy 3 min read

Three years after I visited Leh, capital of the former Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, I remember what my guide said to me: “In Leh, it is so quiet that you can hear your own thoughts.” When I think about Ladakh now, I can still hear the novice nuns we met beneath the apricot tree grove calling out to us: “Jullay! Jullay!” That’s a Ladakhi word meaning…

The wise old man of Ladakh

Jun 25th, 2012 Featured, On Travel incoherentboy 5 min read

I’ll be traveling again soon, but I thought I’d start this blog with a blast from the past. Back in 2009, I was traveling with a friend in Leh, which sits in the shadow of the Himalayas in the arid region of Ladakh. Ladakh itself is located in the disputed territory of Kashmir, which you will often see in the same news reports as the…