As mentioned in my earlier post, I’ll be moderating two panels at the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention this weekend (Sept 1-2) at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre (Hall B and C). But besides that, I’ll also be stalking the convention floor, tweeting away and oh yes, giving away lots of FREEBIES. After all,  what would a comic convention be without swag? So in the spirit of conventions and the all-round generosity of fanboys, this is what I’ll be giving away, courtesy of the San Diego Comic Convention.


Swag. Swaaaaaag. All the way from SDCC!

As you can see, I have a Total Recall tee, lots and lots of buttons from Dexter, Archie, Possession et al, Expendables 2 dog tags, Glee yo-yos and more: all the swag I collected while walking the SDCC convention floor in July. Yes, that’s how much free stuff they give out, and I could have gotten even more if I hadn’t been busy attending panels, panels and more panels. The swag will all be contained in this nice Elementary (the new Sherlock series starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu) bag, which I’m also giving away.


Elementary, my dear Watson.

So what do you have to do to get hold of this free stuff, I hear you say? Well, just follow me on Twitter @incoherentboy to keep track of my whereabouts, and come up to me and say the magic words: “Thank God you’re here, Incoherent Boy!” Then I’ll reach into my magic bag and give you whatever I pull out. But the crown jewel of them all is probably this:

The Hobbit.

The preciouuuussssss. Well okay, not really.

To get a hold of this will be a bit harder, for you’ll have to find me, then tell me the answer to a simple question: which celebrity did I take a picture with while waiting in line for the Community and Firefly panels at this year’s SDCC? You can find the answer here. (my bad, I put the wrong link earlier, but it’s been corrected).

And if I have enough of them, I’ll give you one of my blog business cards too.


My calling card.

Can’t wait to get my geek on at STGCC. See you all at MBS!

P.S: You won’t do your chances of getting swag iany harm f you like my Facebook page too.