They came, they saw, they got their pound of flesh, and then they scattered into the night to spread the infection to the ends of the earth (or at least throughout Clarke Quay). That’s what happened at the inaugural Singapore Zombie Walk on Saturday, when 131 zombies shuffled and stumbled their way from Riverside Point through Clarke Quay and back again.

Mind the zombies crossing the bridge.

It began early in the day at the offices of ASK Hospitality Management, where make-up sponsors HD Make-Asia set out to transform the first 50 registered participants into the undead. The walk was to commence at 829pm, but the make-up artists started six and a half hours beforehand, a testimony to the amount of work required to zombify participants. I got there early to help out with the participant registration – my girlfriend Gillian Ang was the main organiser – and generally make a nuisance of myself, and witnessed the process first-hand.

Blood, anyone?

The first to go was the girlfriend, and the results were terrifying, to say the least.

The transformation begins.

The girlfriend had gotten her make-up all wrong again. But she still looked lovely, of course.

From then on, it was a parade of rotting flesh, dead eyes and bite marks, with each participant looking more gruesome than the next. It’s a good thing there were no weapons handy, as I might just have picked one up and started smashing some brains in.

All ready to chomp on your flesh.

Say hello to Patient Zero.

The walkers had always had problems going down the stairs.

This guy came with his own bloodstains.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and a lack of personnel, some people ended up having to do their own make-up at the DIY make-up stations provided by HD Make-up Asia. There were a few unhappy faces    when this was announced, but unfortunately, there was little the organisers could do about it. It was later addressed in this FB post.

Come 8pm, the area immediately outside Riverside Point was transformed into a seething, snarling mass of the undead. Quite a few of them had done their own make-up, in a variety of looks and personas, with highly impressive results.

Zombie schoolgirl with Darryl Dixon ear necklace. If this zombie look isn’t complete, then I don’t know what is.

A tasty little pre-walk snack. Yums.

No one dared tell him about the hole in his head.

The most adorable zombie of the night, as made up by HD Make-up Asia. Awwwwwww.

He couldn’t figure out why the club wouldn’t let him in.

Then the witching hour approached, and it was time to unleash the zombie hordes on Clarke Quay. Led by marshals with glow sticks, of course. This is Singapore, and even the zombie apocalypse requires some efficiency and order. But they were soon off and stumbling – though the first wave of walkers almost ran more than they stumbled – , to the amusement and alarm of diners and revelers.

“Now remember, no chewing or biting people!”

The zombie couple’s wedding procession had gotten out of hand.

One zombie horde, one undead nation, one apocalypse.

Oh look, it’s the nice neighbours from next door.

Fresh meat ahead!

By the end of the night, the first ever zombie walk in Singapore had been pulled off successfully, and our little island had joined cities such as Brisbane, Toronto and San Diego in staging such an event. Media outlets like Reuters, AFP, and Today were all present, and even the likes of Yahoo! News UK and Sky News picked up the story. All of which made for a very pleased girlfriend – and a reliable source tells me that she hopes to make this an annual community event. So show her the love on the Singapore Zombies Facebook page if you want her to do it again! Braaaaaaains!!

The girlfriend was highly pleased with the zombie walk.

Did you attend the Singapore Zombie Walk? What did you think of it?