So I’ve told you about the trinity of Star Wars locations we’re visiting to kick off the launch of Geek Crusade. After that, we’re going to Nerd Mecca – San Diego Comic-Con, from July 17 – 21.

I was there last year, and when I think about it, everything comes out as a jumble of words and images: awesome stuff, meeting Nathan Fillion, camping out for panels, watching Robert Downey Jr dance in Hall H, more awesome….It’s a blur now. So here’s a gallery of photos we took at SDCC 2012, to tell you the story.


There’s lots of panels we’ll be aiming for – Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Kick-Ass 2, Amazing Spider-Man….so keep monitoring Geek Crusade for news of our trip.

I’ll be posting a small snippet on our trip every day from now till July 10, so watch this space for more details on the next leg of our trip. It’s the biggest geek trip ever!

Look out for the official launch of Geek Crusade on July 11. For the moment, you can sign up on the website for your chance to win exclusive premiums. Follow us on Twitter too @GeekCrusade, as we tweet and blog and Facebook our way across some of the USA’s geekiest sites!