Land of the Meat Munchers

Illustration by Shafi Adams

My debut novel Land of the Meat Munchers, which centres on three survivors in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse in Singapore, will be released later this month. In an earlier post, I introduced Jim, one of the main protagonists. Here’s another short excerpt and introduction to one of the key characters – Selina.

She towered over him in her khaki bermudas and body hugging black tee as if she were two metres tall, the hockey stick in her right hand dripping with blood. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, and she had a backpack on her shoulders. Her trainers were muddied and stained, as if she had just emerged from the forest. He could see the tattoo of a dragon with a knife between its teeth that stretched down her left forearm. Her features were hard and cold, and there was no hint of a smile or any kind of expression around her thin lips. Only her large, expressive eyes gave any hint of the person inside, but even those betrayed no emotion at that moment.

She looked like she was ready for war.

Keep checking back here for details of the book launch, and where you can find Land of the Meat Munchers. For overseas readers, it’s already available on Amazon, ahead of its international release in December.

Land of the Meat Munchers is now available at Books Kinokuniya, Times The Bookstore and some Popular outlets. For international readers, the book is also available on Amazon.