[heading_entrance title=”It is finally here!” text=”My first novel comes out from Marshall Cavendish this month.”]

The novel is called Land of the Meat Munchers, and it’s very much a Singaporean story in the speculative fiction genre.

Here’s the synopsis:

Land of the Meat Munchers, Marshall Cavendish

Land of the Meat Munchers will be available at major bookstores like Kinokuniya. There’ll be a soft launch of the book at the Singapore Zombie Walk on October 26, before the proper launch follows. You can sign up for the walk here.

In the meantime, you can check back here for more info on the book. I’ll be posting one or two illustrations from the book, as well as a small excerpt. You can also follow me on Twitter @incoherentboy to find out more.


Land of the Meat Munchers is now available at Books Kinokuniya, Times The Bookstore and some Popular outlets. For international readers, the book is also available on Amazon.