Land of the Meat Munchers , Marshall Cavendish

©Marshall Cavendish

As I mentioned on this website last week, my first novel Land of the Meat Munchers comes out at the end of the month. It follows three characters in the wake of a zombie apocalypse in Singapore. This is an illustration of one of the main characters Jim, rendered by Shafi Adams. Here’s a short excerpt.

As he tore down Commonwealth Ave West past the chain link fence that surrounded New Town Primary School on his right, he could see the train just ahead. It was dangling from the elevated tracks between Commonwealth and Buona Vista stations. Several carriages had come to rest on the road like a giant metallic and fibreglass snake, almost completely blocking off the three lanes. The rest of the carriages perched serenely on the tracks, the cracks on their windows forming spidery webs that almost seemed to move as the boy got closer and closer.

The book’s currently at the printers now, but keep checking back here for more details on the book launch. Some copies will be available at the Singapore Zombie Walk, and you can also follow me on Twitter @incoherentboy for updates.


Land of the Meat Munchers is now available at Books Kinokuniya, Times The Bookstore and some Popular outlets. For international readers, the book is also available on Amazon.