It’s finally here, and it all begins today at Preview Night! But besides all the obvious reasons to be psyched about SDCC, one other reason I’m buzzed is that my name cards for this blog have just arrived.

incoherentboy arrives at SDCC with his calling cards

My calling cards

As you can see, I suffer from Doom-like delusions of grandeur. But in all seriousness, I’m here to meet people, and I want to meet you. I’m hoping to meet independent/established writers and artists, particularly those with an interest in visiting Singapore, as well as fellow bloggers and fanboys.

Starting today, I’ll be tweeting from all over the Convention Centre under my handle @incoherentboy, as well as blogging. Do come up and have a chat if you spot me, and I’ll give you a name card. I’ve only got 100 of them, so act quickly!