This is the Holiday Extras People Pics Competition: for a chance to win 750 pounds and/or an iPad, I am posting two of my best travel photos. You can find out more about the contest here, which will be judged by travel blogger Melvin Boecher of Traveldudes.

My first photo: a man walking in the shadow of the eight-foot-high security wall that snakes throughout the West Bank, taken during my trip there in 2010. The sight of it for the first time is stunning for so many reason: the sheer size of it, the watchtowers and barbed wire along practically the entire stretch of the wall, and most of all, the heartbreaking, inspirational graffiti that adorns it. It is evocative of a prison and – it pains me to say it – a concentration camp.

The graffiit-strewn security wall, circa 2010

The graffiti-strewn security wall in the West Bank, circa 2010.

My second photo: a coffin maker (presumably) in Chinatown, Bangkok dozes at his shopfront, snoring loudly in his deep sleep. Nearby, other shops sell the paraphernalia of the funeral trade: paper offerings of all shapes and sizes, incense and joss sticks. His neighbours sniggered as I took this photo. But unlike his customers, he would most assuredly awake.


The coffin maker rests, circa Bangkok 2011.