Happy April Fool’s Day, geeks! Here’s some of the best geek-related pranks that have been pulled today.

To boldly go to a galaxy far, far away

Let’s start with two of the biggest sci-fi franchises around. Former Star Trek cast member George Takei (Hikaru Sulu – but you already knew that) almost broke the Internets with this Facebook post. Check out the number of likes and shares of the post. Takei does have previous in this – last year, he claimed he would be headlining a new Star Trek movie.

George Takei, Star Trek, Mr Sulu

George Takei is an evil, evil man.

Not to be outdone, his former co-star William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk – again, why am I telling you this?) and apparently arch-nemesis (judging by numerous comments made by Takei over the years) also sent out this tweet at almost the same time.

William Shatner, Star Trek

The Shat fooled us all.

It’s unclear if the veteran duo coordinated their pranks. And on hindsight, if it really were true, it might well have resulted in an actual war between Trekkers and Star Wars devotees. BUT NOT COOL, DUDES. The Rebel Alliance will be sending a platoon of Stormtroopers to knock on your doors very soon. And they will be ZOMBIES too!

Star Wars, The Walking Dead

“Lucas and Kirkman sent us, Trekkers.” Source – Sith Nation: For The Dark Side in Us All.

The new old brand new ever-changing DC

Over in the world of comics, popular blog Comics Beat couldn’t resist taking a pot shot at DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio with this claim that DC’s entire writing staff had been fired, and that editorial staff would take over creative duties.

In a reference to the constant chopping and changing of creators – c.f. Gail Simone, Andy Diggle, Joshua Hale Fialkov  – and alleged editorial interference, Didio was ‘quoted’ as saying: “Editors are the real stars.”  The new writing structure: DiDio will co-plot all 52 core DC titles with each respective editor.  Scripting duties will then be passed down to assistant editors.

The first comment on the story by a Sam Thielman says it all: “Sadly, this isn’t quite implausible enough.”

Dan Didio, DC Comics

“You’re all fired. I mean, re-hired.”

A brand new Half-Life

In gaming, a website that was purportedly digital distribution channel Steam, claimed that the long-awaited Half-Life 2: Episode Three was now on sale. I have to confess that I’m not a gamer, but my gaming nerd buddies assure me this is huge news. Look carefully at the URL though, and you’ll see that it’s Stteam instead of Steam. Which was not quite as amusing as this furious tweet from Young Avengers and Phonogram artist Jamie McKelvie in response.

Followed by this equally hilarious one:

To be fair, McKelvie wasn’t the only gamer howling in indignation. The people apparently responsible for this dastardly deed – CheapShark.com, another digital distribution channel for games.

The Force is strong with Singapore

Last of all, this is one for the nerds in Singapore, courtesy of my friend and former colleague:

Star Wars, Singapore

Star Wars Episode VII will soon shoot in the er concrete jungle that is Singapore

I have to confess: I was taken in momentarily, along with several others on Facebook. But it just goes to show that the Force is with me too.

Addendum: here are a couple more pranks that popped up while I was offline

Days of Future What?

X-Men and X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer created a mini panic with this tweet. He didn’t even have the decency to add “Gotcha” like Takei did. TSK.

Iron Throne gets fabulous

Even HBO got in on the act with a ‘press release’ announcing that Peter Dinklage would not be returning for Season 4 of Game of Thrones, and was to be replaced by British comedian Warwick Davis. Dinklage’s reasons for leaving: that he was limiting himself, and his disappointment at having to turn down a recent role in The Big Bang Theory


What was your favourite geek-related April Fool’s Day prank, whether by a celebrity of a friend? Tell us about it in the comments!