So what’s a body to do after a pilgrimmage to Rancho Obi-Wan and Lucasfilm HQ, two of the greatest Star Wars sites on Earth? There’s only one thing for it – take part in Course of the Force.

Course of the Force

We at Geek Crusade will be part of this year’s Course of the Force ©

Geek Crusade will be at Course of the Force, a charity relay run from San Francisco all the way to San Diego, just in time for the San Diego Comic Convention. Participants are encouraged to get decked out in their best Star Wars attire for different legs of the run. We’re taking part in the final leg on July 16, running from Pacific Beach to downtown San Diego. And there’ll also be this massive Jabba the Hutt float:

Jabba the Hutt,

Jabba was never much of a runner anyway ©

Have you had your geekgasm yet? Then you should know that Geek Crusade will be right there, running into San Diego together with the Star Wars hordes.

I’ll be posting a small snippet on Geek Crusade’s trip every day from now till July 10, so watch this space for more details on the next leg of our trip. It’s the biggest geek trip ever!

Look out for the official launch of Geek Crusade on July 11. For the moment, you can sign up on the website for your chance to win exclusive premiums. Follow us on Twitter too @GeekCrusade, as we tweet and blog and Facebook our way across some of the USA’s geekiest sites!