So we’ve talked about the places Geek Crusade is heading to this month, including our  Star Wars destinations  and Comic-Con. Now, it’s time to break bad.

Breaking Bad, Walter White

It had not been a good day for Walter. ©AMC

See the dry, arid desert behind Walter White? That’s the landscape of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where almost all of Breaking Bad is shot. And it’s our next destination after Rancho Obi-Wan, Lucasfilm Studios and Comic-Con, from July 22 -24.

We’ll be taking a tour of all the major locations in Breaking Bad, from Los Pollos Hermanos (a.k.a Twisters, an actual fast food restaurant) to the Crossroads Motel, home to (fictional) drug use and prostitution, to Octopus Car Wash, where Walt was briefly employed.

We’re talking to Jess Herron and Mike Silva of ABQ Trolley, two very enterprising guys who have started their own tours of the Breaking Bad locations (business is booming!). And we’ve also got a date with Debbie Ball a.k.a. The Candy Lady, who supplied the original blue meth prop candy to the show.

Breaking Bad, blue meth candy

Something to relax you, sir? Source: Yahoo

I’ll be posting a small snippet on Geek Crusade’s trip every day from now till July 10, so watch this space for more details on the next leg of our trip. It’s the biggest geek trip ever!

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