Fez, Morocco

Morocco: The Tanneries of Fez

Sep 27th, 2012 Featured, On Travel incoherentboy 8 min read

The hustler on the motorbike was getting impatient. He had seen us circling around in our car, and offered to lead us to a parking spot for free, claiming that we were going in the wrong direction. He claimed to be a licensed tourist guide, and I made the mistake of believing him. But he was leading us further and further away from where we wanted to go, and we were getting a distinctly dodgy feeling about the whole thing. So I followed my friend Ding’s advice to stop following him. But he wasn’t one to give up easily, and followed us for more than a kilometre.

Bethlehem, Israel

O, Little Town Of Bethlehem

Sep 25th, 2012 Featured, On Travel incoherentboy 11 min read

Circa 2010: As I walked through the Church of the Nativity, originally built in 327 AD over the traditional birthplace of Christ in Bethlehem, the old Christmas song kept playing in my head: O little town of Bethlehem/How still we see thee lie..The hopes and fears of all the years/are met in thee tonight.  Every now and then, I would stop and read silently from my…

Jerusalem: The Holy Of Holies

Sep 9th, 2012 Featured, On Travel incoherentboy 11 min read

“What is Jerusalem? Your holy places lie over the Jewish temple that the Romans pulled down. The Muslim places of worship lie over yours. Which is more holy?” Balian of Ibelin, Kingdom Of Heaven (2005)

Volubilis, Morocco

Morocco: The Ruins Of Volubilis

Aug 29th, 2012 Featured, On Travel incoherentboy 6 min read

Located near the Moroccan town of Meknes, halfway between Rabat and Fez, the abandoned Roman town of Volubilis is marked out by startlingly beautiful, and incredibly well-preserved, mosaics. I visited Volubilis back in April, and the experience was well worth it.

SDCC: The Walking Dead Escape

Aug 14th, 2012 Featured, On Pop culture, On Travel incoherentboy 10 min read

It began with smoke. Lots of smoke. We started forward nervously, as the walkers snarled at us behind their enclosure. The FEMA guys kept yelling, saying that they had it all under control. Right before two of the walkers broke loose and started chomping on this cop.

Los Angeles: Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Aug 1st, 2012 Featured, On Pop culture, On Travel incoherentboy 8 min read

Bizarre, morbidly fascinating and gloriously over the top: this is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, final resting place of some of the biggest names in show business. If you’re going to Los Angeles, forget the expensive studio tours and theme park outings. Come visit the dead instead, and for free too.

Six Tips To Get Into A Talk Show Audience in LA

Jul 30th, 2012 Featured, On Pop culture, On Travel incoherentboy 10 min read

One very enjoyable part of my recent three-week trip to the US was the chance to be part of a studio audience for the recordings of two major talk shows: Conan, which shoots at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, which films at the El Capitan Theatre along Hollywood Boulevard.

SDCC: Epilogue – My top five moments

Jul 19th, 2012 Featured, On Pop culture, On Travel incoherentboy 13 min read

Almost five days after it ended, my head is still filled with strange, surreal thoughts about SDCC. Was I really there? Did I really see/do all those awesome things? And why do I still wake up at 2am thinking that it’s time to go and queue for a panel? But the San Diego Comic Convention has come and gone, and it’ll be a whole year before SDCC 2013 comes. In the meantime, I’ll have these memories to keep from crying myself to sleep at night.

SDCC: A Man Of Steel, Indeed

Jul 16th, 2012 Featured, On Pop culture, On Travel incoherentboy 7 min read

Man Of Steel, the latest Superman reboot, re-tells the eternal story: on a dying planet, a helpless babe is sent away in a tiny spaceship by his loving parents. It lands on a faraway place called Earth, where he is adopted by a loving couple with no children to call their own. Growing up to discover that he has superpowers, he decides to use them for the good of all mankind. He calls himself Superman, and becomes the greatest hero the world has ever known.