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Comic Con 2013 Hotels: An Alternative To Consider

Mar 12th, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture, On Travel incoherentboy 6 min read

As of 10am Pacific Time, the second Comic Con International hotel lottery has closed, and choices for Comic Con 2013 hotels have gotten that much fewer. So allow me to tell you about the place I’m staying this year, one you may also want to consider. It’s the same place I stayed during last year’s San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) : the quaint, lovely Keating House Bed and Breakfast on Banker’s Hill.

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies On A Hot Day

Mar 9th, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture incoherentboy 1 min read

In which @incoherentboy follows @SGZombieWalk and 10 volunteer zombies as they shamble around Bugis and Orchard promoting the Warm Bodies movie, and asks everyone to tweet about it. On a hot, hot day.

SDCC, Comic Con, San Diego Comic Convention

SDCC Accommodation: There Is Still Hope

Mar 2nd, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture, On Travel incoherentboy 9 min read

So you’ve gone for the San Diego Comic Convention hotel lottery, and didn’t luck out at all. A hotel within walking distance of the convention centre is out of the question, and would probably cost you an Infinity Gem anyway, or maybe a pair of Nega Bands. To think the fight for SDCC badges was already bad enough. So what do you do for SDCC accommodation now?

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Malacca Food: Restoran Peranakan

Feb 26th, 2013 Featured, On Travel incoherentboy 5 min read

I just spent the weekend in Malacca – former Portugese, Dutch and British colony, host to a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the historic city centre of Jonker Street and repository of some of the most unique and colourful culture in the Straits of Malacca. So of course, I spent my two days there stuffing my face.

Movie Review: Lincoln

Feb 20th, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture incoherentboy 7 min read

Verdict: Three out of five stars. A long, long movie that requires at least a basic historical knowledge of slavery and the American Civil War, a sharp ear to follow some lengthy monologues and a lot of patience. But your perseverance will be rewarded as Daniel Day-Lewis turns in a quite astonishing performance as Abraham Lincoln.

Review: Hitchcock

Feb 12th, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture incoherentboy 6 min read

Verdict: Four stars out of five. Movie buffs will love this movie about a movie, and possibly the most influential director of them all. But it is not simply the story of one man’s battle with the studios and the censors to get his film made. Instead, it is about the key relationship behind it all: Alfred Hitchcock and his wife Alma Reville.

Review: Community Returns – Or Has It?

Feb 9th, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture incoherentboy 5 min read

Season 4, Episode 1 verdict: Three stars out of five. Judging from the missteps of the first episode, there is something missing, and in all probability, it’s creator Dan Harmon’s vision. Episode one falls far from the heights of season three, and I have to agree with the verdict of many online fans: it’s trying too hard.

Petra, Jordan: In Search of Indiana Jones

Feb 2nd, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture, On Travel incoherentboy 8 min read

It was 2010. I could see it through the tiny gap between the valley walls. It was getting closer and closer, even as the walls got more and more narrow. The sweat was pouring from my brow and down my neck to my chest, but there was a sudden spring in my step. And all because I could hear the theme music in my head: dum-der-dum-dum, dum-der-dum, dum-der-dum-dum, dum-der-dum-dum-dum.

Review: Zero Dark Thirty

Jan 17th, 2013 Featured, On Pop culture incoherentboy 5 min read

Verdict: Four out of five stars. Chilling and gut-wrenching, the tension never lets up, even though you already know the outcome. It’s all centred on a powerhouse performance from Jessica Chastain, helped by an outstanding supporting cast that includes James Gandolfini and Mark Strong.